Welcome to Nick Steen's website

I'm Nick Steen, i program for PC, TI-83+/84+, TI-Nspire and Arduino. You may or you may not know these "things", but in either case, take a look around in here. All my projects are stored and kept up-to-date so you can see whatever i'm working on at the moment. If you don't know any of these things, just google it and you'll see why they're so cool to use.
Arduino is a prototyping platform. A small and simple board called microcontroller. It has a programmable IC, and 14 I/O pins, together with 5 Analog input pins. This makes a perfect board for simple robots, hackings or other hard- and software related things.

The TI-Nspire is a calculator from Texas Instruments, one of the most powerful handheld calcs for educational useage. It has a nice screen and quite good programming capabilities, which makes it a nice instrument to use.

I also make minimalistic works of existing products. Minimalistic might sound easy, but finding the path between too much and too less details can be pretty hard. I try not to erase too much details so the original is still recognizable. 

Take a look at the webshop at  http://society6.com/NickSteen to see or buy some artworks.


Most recent project: ATtiny85-driven clock

As you can read here, I made a clock using 64 LED's (8x8 matrix), 2 74HC595 shift registers, an L7805 voltage regulator, and an ATtiny85 as the beating heart of it. Using the Time library I did not need any RTC, it might be possible it is off for about one second every day, but I don't really care, since setting the correct time is a piece of cake using my software. More info can be found here.

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